About Us

About Us

We're here for support your business

We are a family-owned and operated company focused on providing technological tools and personalized support to small and medium-sized businesses to help their growth by simplifying daily operations.


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Our approach

Communication is the key.

Our focus is on providing our clients with tools that allow their team to work on the growth of their company through effective communication with clients.

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

Our team is formed by laughter, enthusiasm for work, expression of gratitude and encouragement, horizontal relationships, constructive criticism, recognition to the whole team, and confidence in the future

Our values


We genuinely care about our employees, clients and their clients, society, and humanity. Our approach in everything we do is to consider the broader impact.


We respect each other and take advantage of the contributions of different experiences and perspectives, translating, in the end, into an improvement of the user experience.


We practice gratitude as a core value in our daily relationships with suppliers, customers, associates, and each other.


Encourages us to be open about our business practices with employees and clients—open and honest communication about everything.


We have an inspiring work environment that is intellectually stimulating, challenging, and contributes to personal and professional development.


Our service powers the fundamental employee-, customer- and partner relationships that drive our clients’ business.

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Our Team

Ernesto L Gonzalez

Chief Executive Officer
Ernesto oversees the company’s business operations, including sales, marketing, business development, and communications.

Tonny Medina

Head of Technological Projects
Tonny leads, manages, and develops technological projects for the company's different products.

Carlos Rodriguez

Lead Designer
Carlos is responsible for the company's corporate image and the designs for traditional and digital advertising media.

Jhorfrank Diaz

Programmer Analyst
Jhorfrank is responsible for programming the different functions of our products, services, and their subsequent integration process.

Katalina Ortiz

Customer Service
Katalina is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with our customers, excelling at problem-solving and data analysis to aid in using our products.

Omar Ortiz

Training & Customer Support
Omar is a specialist in using all our solutions and is in charge of the different trainings for our clients.

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